Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What Time is It?

What's happening at our school? Here are a few important dates to remember:

Jan. 23rd - Gr. Field Trip to the Mill of Kintail Conservation Centre.
Jan. 24th - last day for milk/juice orders
Jan. 25th - PD Day
Feb. 14th - Term 1 Report Cards go home

Math - In math, we are working on telling time and calculating elapsed time. Here are the math concepts we are learning (Sum it Up). At home, ask your child questions about time to help them practice their skills. Ex. What time is it? How many minutes until we leave? How long were we gone for?

At home:
Time Match - printable game
Time Past - online game
Which Takes Longer - online game

Our school focus for Learning Skills for Term 1 is on Independent Work and Organization.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a nice and restful break! I enjoyed hearing about your holidays as students have been writing recounts this week.

We are right back to work as we continue on with our measurement unit. This week, students are exploring concepts of Area ( the surface/inside of a shape which is measured in square units ie., cm2). Perimeter and Area requires students to use knowledge and understanding of multiplication facts, geometry, and algebra. In class, we have been using the formulas of P= l+w+l+w and  A= lxw to solve problems.

There will be a final assessment on concepts of Perimeter and Area this Friday January, 11th. Students will be bringing their blue math duotangs home tonight to complete work.

Next up -- time! Working on telling time to the nearest minute and determining elapsed time.

In Language, the class has been working on procedural writing. Their final products for "How to Calculate Perimeter" is due this Friday January 11th. Students have been given time to peer edit and "bump-up" their writing and they are looking really great! 

What you can do at home:
Area and Perimeter - online game
Area - printable game
Challenge! - determine the cost of area and perimeter measurements

Sunday, 16 December 2018


We have been challenging our thinking in math to create different shapes and determine the side lengths when given the perimeter. In addition, we have been working on finding the perimeter of shapes when there is a missing side length. You can use these activities to reinforce what we are doing in our classroom.

Khan Academy Video - missing side lengths
Practice questions - missing side lengths
It All Adds Up - printable game
Area and Perimeter - online game

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

December News

December 3-7 HOUR OF CODE

For Coding week we have a lot of exciting things happening in the classroom. Students will be working with Micro Bits to learn about coding. We are going use the Micro Bits for a few reasons. 

First, we are going to make some interactive elements to use on our Classroom door for the door decorating contest at the school. We hope this will really enhance our design!

Second, we are going to explore the idea of programming the Micro Bits to help students with Self-Regulation and getting our bodies into the "green zone" or ready to learn. Our inquiry: Can we use a Micro Bit to help us be ready to learn? Can we use it to calm down?

Math - Students are estimating, measuring and rounding lengths to the nearest cm. We are also working on finding the perimeter of shapes and objects.

At Home:

- It All Add Up - printable game for perimeter
- I Spy - printable game for estimating lengths
- Area and Perimeter - online game

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Global Read Aloud Wrap-Up

We have finally completed our novel "A Boy Called Bat." Our class really enjoyed the book and collaborating with so many different classes. Now, students are working on writing summaries. Their final task for this project will be to write a summary of the novel and create an alternative book cover.

How can you help at home?
- Ask your child to give you a summary of an episode they watched on T.V.
- Ask your write to write a summary of their day or a short story 
- Read summaries of texts together

Bully Awareness Week
We had a great start to our week by emptying our FULL class bucket. We have been focusing on kindness, responsibility and collaboration. It is a great sign that our bucket was full!

Students are building a Kindness Quilt to celebrate this week and to build community. Each student is responsible to design and create a quilt for another classmate in secret! So, names were drawn out of a hat and students are quietly observing and investigating to find out more about their classmates. Quilt squares will be presented to the class this Friday.

All squares are due Friday November,  23. They are given time to work on this in class but, they are asked to take it home to ensure it is completed by Friday. Please look for one coming home and remind your child to complete it.

Math - Decimal Numbers

Students have been exploring decimal numbers in class. They will be applying this understanding through money amounts and measurement. 

How can you help at home?
Leaping Frog - printable decimal number game using number line

- Ask your child to estimate how much things will cost at the store.
- Ask your child to make change 
- Shopping with Cash - online game to reinforce money concepts

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What's Happening in Grade 4

Parish Community
On November 6th, Father Matthew from St. Isidore parish presented each of the grade 4 students with a Bible. This is a new tradition that he is starting with our community. It was such a pleasure to have him visit and the students were very grateful for the gift! As a follow-up, our class wrote thank-you letters to send to Father Matthew to show our appreciation. This one way we are trying to build on the theme of "Be Community at our school."

As we move through our Place Value unit in math, we are now working with decimals. To apply these concepts, the students will be exploring decimals through Measurement. Students will apply their knowledge of decimals with money, length and time.  Please check the blog for an updated tab page for this math strand.

Ask your child how swapping the meaning of the Base Ten Blocks helps to describe decimals.

You can also ask your child how this model connects to money!


November 11th - Remembrance Day
                            10:45 Assembly
November 16th - PD Day (no school)
November 23rd - News Show 10:30
November 27th - Double Lunch Day

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Learning Skills and Progress Reports

Progress reports will be going home on Tuesday, October 30th.
 Interviews will then be held on Thursday, November 1st.

Our school focus for learning skills and work habits for the progress report will be responsibility and collaboration. The chart below outlines some of the criteria for the two learning skills. As a class, we have co-created anchor charts outlining expectations in our classroom, yard, and group work. Students have been developing these skills through STEM challenges, group problem solving, and other daily activities.

On Friday, students will be bringing home their student work folders. These folders contain some of the work that we have completed to date. In this folder, you will also find a list of work from their Google Drive that the students would like to show you. This can be accessed from home by logging in to Google (Gmail - and then the Drive). Please review the work with your child. You may keep the work at home but it is asked that the folders are returned to school.

Also look for forms sent home for two websites/resources students can access at home to reinforce concepts we are working on in class. In the work folders, you should find access codes for Raz-Kids and Xtra Math.

Please check out the Global Read Aloud tab on our blog to see some of the cool things we have been working in during project so far!