Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Grade 4 Update

SCHOOL BBQ -- June 20th 5:30 pm
     *tickets for sale online
For more information click here

Student work Folders:
Students will be bringing home their yellow work folders to share much of their completed work. This will be the second time going home this term. Look for the folders this Friday and review the items with your child. The folder will include:
- descriptive writing rubric
- persuasive writing rubric
- Environment media project rubric
- Poetry Portfolios
- math assessments for multiplication, fractions and probability
- and many more awesome work samples!

Language: Persuasive Writing

If you had a chance to come by our classroom you hopefully saw our amazing letters to the "Once-ler." After reading Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax" students used their persuasive writing skills to write a letter to the Once-ler to convince him to stop cutting down the trees.

Another project we had on display what their wonderful poetry portfolios. If you missed it, we will be sending home their work folders again next week.

We used our research skills to create a piece of media about ways we can protect our Earth. Students used elements of persuasive writing to create a poster, slideshow, video or blog about why and how we can make a different.

Math: Students are encouraged to practice their math concepts at home on Mathletics. This can be found on the student portal and no login is necessary if they are signed into their school emails (google)

Students have been exploring different 3-D shapes - prisms and pyramids. They are identifying figures by their attributes and will be building 3-D models with nets. In addition, we are learning about symmetry and geometric transformations. Look for some math art we are creating!

Net Building

Shape Skeleton

Students applied their understanding of fractions in our Probability unit. This year, we will learn about experimental probability vs theoretical probability. We used MicroBits to code different games and analyze the probability (ex., heads/tails, dice, RPS). We also conducted several experiments to see if results would change by the number of times the game was played.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Catholic Education Week

Today is the start of Catholic Education week across our school board. Below is a schedule of a few of the events we are hosting at our school. Permission forms were sent home for the mass and Fury game, please ensure forms have been returned.


Tuesday, May 7th       - - 1:00 Mass at St. Isidore Church
                                     - -  Book Fair preview for Grade 4 homerooms (am)

Wednesday, May 8th - - Ottawa Fury Game

Thursday, May 9th  - - 8:30 am Open House/Muffin Breakfast
                           We kindly ask each family to bring 1/2 dozen (6) muffins to this event
                                               Raffle and donations for our school's D.I. team (front lobby)
                                   - - 9:15 am Volunteer Liturgy

Friday, May 10th        - - Book Fair purashing day for Grade 4 homerooms (am)
                                    - - 2:15 We walk for Water  

The Get Doing Team initiative
                                    - - Grade 4 Poetry Cafe (afternoon)
                                        We are hosting a little party (cafe style) where students will get a                                            chance to share their poems with the class.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Poetry Time!

Here are a few of the examples of our descriptive writing pieces. What do you visualize when you are reading?

Did you picture something similar to this? This is the image the students used to write their pieces.

April is National Poetry Month
We are diving right into our poetry unit from our descriptive writing unit. So far, students have studied Haiku, Cinquain and Diamante style poems. They are demonstrating their ability to apply skills learned from our descriptive writing unit. Stay tuned for our portfolios of our favourite poems!

Practice at Home:

Diamante Writing
Cinquain Writing
Haiku Writing
Limerick Writing
Theme Poems


Rhyming dictionary
- need help finding a word that rhymes?

Funny Poems
- Kenn Nesbitt

Poetry for Kids

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Spring is here!

A blog post is much overdue but, we have been hard at work and have a lot ot share! Here are a few of the projects we have been working on recently.

We have been busy learning about Growth Mindset and setting goals for ourselves. The class is working hard on maintaining growth mindset in challenging situations at school, home, or in sports. We have created a class chart of motivational quotes to help us when it feels hard to persevere. I encourage students to keep looking for quotes to share and if parents have some examples please pass them along to our class!

In the spirit of spring and new growth, we have created a beautiful window in our class to display our "Growth Goals" in which has cleverly been named "Our Growth Garden" by the students. We have even set personal multiplication goals for ourselves in our math unit! Ask your child about it.

Math - We will be focusing on Multiplication and division for homework this month. Please refer to the "multiplication" tab for more information. Also, check for your child's red math folder with weekly practice and quizzes.
We will also be working on number patterns as we work through our number sense unit. Students will be required to apply their number sense skills to create and extend patterns.

Language - Students are hard at work on their descriptive writing unit. Each student chose an emotion to describe. The goal was to describe the way it feels, looks and sounds without using their word (i.e., excited). The final product has a matching portrait for the description. Ask your child to show you the writing in the their Google Drive!

Our newest assignment was to describe the beautiful mountain scenery in a photo. Stay tuned for some awesome examples on our bulletin board!

Next, we will use our descriptive writing tools to write some poetry.

Important Dates:
April 1 - Code Mobile
April 19 - Good Friday
April 22 - Easter Monday
May 6-10 - Catholic Education Week (grade 4 hosting Mass on the 7th)

Monday, 25 February 2019

Data Management

We have been working on reading and interpreting data in Pictographs and Bar Graphs. Last week, we also discussed the criteria for making bar graphs. As a class, we created a list of "must haves."

In addition, the students have been hard at work creating survey questions. Groups were responsible to create a question and possible options using Google Forms. Using this method, we will collect data and eventually graph the results. Below, you will find links to the student created surveys. Please take a moment to participate!

Superpower Survey ----> click here

Healthy Eating Survey ----> click here

Weekend Activities Survey ----> click here

Video Games and TV Survey ----> click here

Places to Travel Survey ----> click here

Favourite Subject ----> click here

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Math Practice at home

Mathletics - Students can practice their math skills at home. Right now, students have been assigned two tasks. One for Geometry and another for Algebra.

Go to the student portal and click on the icon for Mathletics